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Your time is precious, so let Robin handle the contracts.

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Guidance Consultation

We work with you
to determine what matters
in your contract mark-up process.

Save Time

Delegate low complexity work to Robin, so your team can focus on what matters.

Stay Secure

We use enterprise grade encryption
and law firm grade security to keep your data

What we do

Our machine learning models analyse and mark-up your contracts. Our human legal experts validate the output. The result is unrivalled efficiency and world class accuracy. We call it AI+.

Send us your contracts

Robin reviews and edits the contract

Our human lawyers validate the results

We deliver your


We review contracts to your specification,
just the way you like it.


We can get up and running in just a few hours.


We use law firm grade security measures to keep your data safe from the moment to receive it and beyond.


AI is an emerging technology, but you can’t afford mistakes. So we combine the brightest artificial and human intelligence with our AI+ model.

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